Bowen Island Service Quality

Commission Enquiry to BC Ferries

October 15 2007

We have received a number of complaints from Bowen Island residents about the service on this route and we are now asking BCFS to provide a report to the commission in response to the issues raised by customers, as detailed below:

  1. On-time performance.We recognize that work on the berths at Horseshoe Bay is affecting on-time performance but from messages we have received there appears to be a much worse problem in the early morning. The quarterly reports show only the on-time performance for the route as a whole.
    • We ask that BCFS provide details of the on-time performance for various time periods, especially for the early morning sailings, perhaps up to 9.00am, and for the late-afternoon sailings.
    • If the work at Horseshoe Bay is continuing to disrupt service when does BCFS anticipate an end or reduction of the service problems caused by this work?
  2. Vessel capability. Correspondents complain that the Queen of Capilano has had recurring problems since its return to service in April 2007.Please comment on this and whether the problems have been solved, what measures are being taken and the anticipated date of return to adequate vessel performance.
  3. We have received reports of inconsistent staff treatment of recurring issues.
    • We ask that you confirm or clarify the policy regarding the advance time for foot passengers to purchase tickets (10 minutes) and does that include the purchase of ticket books using credit card ?
    • Can foot passengers board the vessel and pay on board ? If so, is this frequent?
    • Does the early a.m. sailing to Horseshoe Bay (5.00 a.m.but not part of regular schedule) accept any passengers? If so, under what circumstances?
    • Under what circumstances does BCFS charter water taxis to provide services?
    • If it is difficult to maintain the schedule has BCFS considered amending the schedule to meet current conditions?

    If there is any other information regarding conditions that affect service quality on this route we would like to hear about them.

BC Ferries’ Response to the Commission

November 2, 2007

BC Ferries replied with a memorandum on Bowen Island service quality to the Commission addressing the above questions.