Service Levels

The Commission regulates the service provided on a ferry route in a number of ways:

  • It monitors BC Ferries’ adherence to its contract with the Province, which commits BC Ferries to provide a specific number of sailings per day on each of its 24 routes.  To see how BC Ferries has met this commitment visit Contracted Sailings.
  • The Commission requires BC Ferries to report quarterly on its on-time performance for each route, and on the number of overloaded sailings.
  • BC Ferries must submit its annual Customer Satisfaction Tracking Survey to the Commission.  You will find the latest survey on BC Ferries’ website by clicking here.
  • BC Ferries cannot stop serving a route or cut back service on a route without the Commission’s permission. See the buttons Route Discontinuance and Service Reduction on the left for more on what is involved.