Service Reductions

In some situations, BC Ferries may temporarily reduce the number of sailings below the core ferry service level on a particular route required under the Coastal Ferry Services Contract.

Under the Coastal Ferry Act, BC Ferries must not (except as permitted by the Coastal Ferry Services Contract) reduce service on a route unless it first obtains the authorization of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner may authorize a reduction in service under section 43 of the Act if the Commissioner is of the opinion that it is for a temporary period and for an extraordinary situation.

The Commissioner has given his authorization for temporary reductions on various routes for extraordinary situations such as vessel repairs, terminal or dock repairs or modification.  Click on Rulings for more information.

The Commissioner may also authorize or direct permanent reductions in service pursuant to section 43.1 of the Act.  Such authorization would require a consultation period of at least one month.  Since the inception of the Coastal Ferry Act, the Commissioner has never authorized a permanent reduction in service.