Decisions & Reports

What’s New

The Commission’s news releases can be found here… Read More+

Rulings Index

A list of rulings made by the Commission that includes orders, memorandums, official authorizations, decisions, determinations and declarations…Read More+

Actual Fares vs Price Caps

A comparison of actual fares charged by BC Ferries and the price caps set by the Commission can be found by route group in this table… Read More+

Annual Reports

The Commission’s annual reports, service plans and budget as well as BC Ferries annual reports to the Commission can be found here… Read More+

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports prepared by BC Ferries for the Commission on resolving complaints and a summary of its operations can be found here…Read More+

Records of Meetings with BC Ferries

As part of the Commission’s responsibilities in monitoring BC Ferries’ adherence to the terms of the Coastal Ferry Services Contract and the Coastal Ferry Act, quarterly compliance meetings are held with the company.  Records of compliance meetings can be found here…Read More+

BC Ferry Commission  Documents

The Commission’s memorandums, orders, decisions and other related documents can be found here as defined by related sections of the Coastal Ferry Act… Read More+