Act s45.1: Unfair Competitive Advantage Regulation

Memorandums and Orders:

  • Commission Order 16-01 of September 6, 2016 with determinations and reasons regarding BC Ferries’ Drop Trailer Service
  • Commission Order 11-01B of October 31 2011 with determination on BC Ferries’  request for reconsideration of the quarterly application of MAAT
  • Commission Memorandum 43 of March 4 2011 with determination on seven alleged errors in Order 11-01
  • Commission Memorandum 42 of February 7 2011 explaining key determinations in Order 11-01.
  • Commission Order 11-01 of February 7 2011 establishing a minimum tariff for BC Ferries’ drop trailer services on its major routes.
  • Commission Order 10-01 dated November 15 2010 releasing two documents (here are the first and second) with information about BC Ferries drop trailer services, with reasons for release.
  • Commission Memorandum 37 of July 19, 2010 finding that BC Ferries’ drop trailer service on its major routes is a competitive service.

Responses and Correspondence:

BC Ferries Submissions: