Actual Fares vs Price Cap Charts Updated

April 8, 2013
Comparison of Actual Fares and Price Cap Charts Updated

Each quarter of the fiscal year, BC Ferries prepares charts comparing actual average level of fares charged by the company with the price caps set by the commission, using a single figure for each of the three route groups.  This figure is a weighted average for all the routes in the group, combining all the different traffic types (e.g. passengers, autos, trucks, buses), different times of the week (weekend vs. midweek), different peak / shoulder / off peak fares charged in that quarter, and other variables. This is a complex calculation and the commission directs BC Ferries on the raw data, formulas and assumptions that it must use.

BC Ferries can restructure the fares within a route group (e.g. offering special discounts, charging premiums, making package offers). It is the weighted average of all these fares for a given route group that matters for the purposes of regulation.

The price cap for each group is computed by the commission and is a maximum permitted level of average ferry fares for each route group.

Click here to see how actual fares of the route group you are interested in compares relative to the price caps set by the BC Ferry Commissioner for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.