Commissioner Releases Discussion Papers #4 – #6

October 20, 2011
Commissioner Releases Three More Papers for Public Feedback

The BC Ferry Commission has been mandated to review the Coastal Ferry Act and make recommendations to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure on potential changes which would better enable the commissioner to balance the financial sustainability of the ferry operator and the interests ferry users.  The commissioner is holding public consultation meetings in coastal communities served by BC Ferries and is inviting additional public input via written submissions or comments on several discussion papers to be published on a number of key issues.

Previous discussion papers have dealt separately with interests of ferry users and financial sustainability objectives.

Discussion Paper #4 published today deals with the balancing of the interests of ferry users with these objectives.

Discussion Paper #5 is in regards to price regulation issues as they apply to the BC ferry system.

Discussion Paper #6 refers to the issue of cross-subsidization of route groups.

Comments can be submitted by email to or by mail to BC Ferry Commission, RPO Box Hillside, Box 35119, Victoria BC, V8T 5G2. Deadline for comments or submissions is Monday, December 5th, 2011.